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What should I consider if it is my first time to learn online?
By Study Adviser: Lisa
Name: Lisa Zhang
Degree: PH.D. of Chinese Literature
Graduated From: Peking University
Research Scopes: Chinese Language Study Method
Experience of Teaching: 8 Years
Position: Senior Study Adviser
Location: Beijing
Online Learning, especially Real Time Online Class, is a revolution for Chinese education in the world.
As we know, most of excellent Chinese teachers are in Beijing of China. According to immigration and visa policy of USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc for China, Chinese People with subjects of Computer, Engineering, Nursing, Electronic, etc are welcome for most of countries in the world. Chinese People with subject of Chinese Language and Chinese literature are very difficult to get visa to go abroad. So by now, most of Chinese teachers outside China got visa as family member of Main applicants, for examples, as wife, husband or children. So generally local Chinese schools outside China are very small.
Through Online Class, you can learn Chinese directly with high-level teachers in Beijing
You can get many enough and new learning materials from China.
You can meet all kind of Chinese people to practice speaking directly from China.
Of course, if you choose to learn online, you have to prepare some devices: PC / Windows (If you use Linux or MAC, you have to change to PC because in China Apple Computer has no business.)
Broadband Internet over 512K and a headset.
At the same time, you need to accept this new learning method and to know more about advantages and method of online learning that you cannot find in traditional schools. For an example: Multi-Method, Combination of Courseware, Class and Practice.

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