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How should I do if I have no enough budget and want to study by myself through reading courseware and textbook?
By Study Adviser: Carter
Name: Carter Gu
Degree: Master of Teaching Chinese as a second language
Graduated From: East China Normal University
Research Scopes: Chinese as a second language
Experience of Teaching: 5 Years
Position: Study Adviser
Location: Beijing
If you self-study Chinese course, maybe you will meet the following difficulties,
1, When you make some mistakes in learning Chinese, you cannot know soon, especially for beginners.
2, When you take exercises of textbook, if your answer is incorrect, you do not know why or will not get any explanation.
3, Harder to study unremittingly for a long time
4, No qualified Practice partners. It is difficult for you to improve Speaking ability.
Some of our students tell me when they are the first time to talk with us,
I already learnt Chinese by myself for one year or several months
I already finished a textbook…
But when I talked with them face to face to take an oral Chinese level assessment, I found out their level is almost zero.
So my suggestion is, even if you have no budget to take class, you have to select some Conversation Practice service from local Chinese language schools or online language school. You need to spend some time every week on practicing speaking with Chinese Native Speakers of Beijing people. If you only learn reading and writing Chinese, you at least need to find a qualified pen pal in China.

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