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拼合练习 Drills in combination
Survival Level 1 (What is it?)
1 声韵母的拼合 Combination of the initials and finals.
  a o e i u er
b ba bo --- bi bu ---
p pa po --- pi pu ---
m ma mo me mi mu ---
f fa fo --- --- fu ---
  a o e yi wu er
2 拼合练习,注意声母的区别:
Drill in combination, Pay attention to the differences in the initials:
ba---pa bo---po bi---pi bu---pu
ma---fa mo---bo bi---mi pa---fa
3 拼合练习,注意韵母的区别
Drills in combination , Pay attention to the differences in the finals:
ba---bo bo---bu mo---ma
mi---ma po---pu fa---fu

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