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韵母 Finals : a o e I u er
Survival Level 1 (What is it?)
韵母的发音 Pronunciation of the finals:

a 和ha中的a相同
as the a in ha

o 英语中没有与之类似的音。发o时,口半闭,舌位半高,舌头后缩,唇拢圆,声带振动。
There is no similar sound in English .To pronounce this sound,half open the mouth, raise the tongue backwards to a mid-high position,round the lips and let the vocal cords vibrate.

e 和lotus中的u类似
like the u in lotus

i 和liter中的I相同
as the i in the liter

u 和crucial 中的u相同
as the u in crucial
er 发音时,舌位居中中,稍后缩,不圆唇,同时舌尖向后卷起。
To make this sound,place the tongue in the middle and draw it back slightly in the unrounded mouth , and curve the tip of the tongue backwards.


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