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Pod cast - Learn Mandarin
In mandarin Chinese, how to express 'go to the Great Wall', 'Go to hospital' and 'beijing opera'. Let's learn mandarin around these topics
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Topic: Learn Mandarin
Vocabulary: 医院, hospital, 长城, the Great Wall. 烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera
Function: How to express 'qù' - 去 - Go somewhere, 去, 没去, 去过, 不去; How to express 'guò' - 过 - Past Tense , 去过, 吃过 , 看过
Level: Zero to Survival Level (see level map)
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Yajie: Hello, every one. Welcome to Chinese Studio. 我是 Yajie.
Cam:大家好(dajia hao), 我是(wo shi) Cam. What’s on our agenda today, Yajie?
Yajie: Well, last time we learned how to ask questions in the negative form, and we’ll learn more about that today.
Cam: Perfect.
Key words of the day
Today we’ll learn more questions in the negative form. 医院, hospital. 长城, the Great Wall. 烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera. All in today’s Chinese Studio.
Yajie: 今天你不去医院吗?Won’t you go to the hospital today?
Cam: 今天你不去医院吗?(jintian ni bu qu yiyuan ma?)
Yajie: 今天, today.
Cam: 今天.( jintian)
Yajie: 你 (ni), you.
Cam: 你 (ni)
Yajie: 不去, not going
Cam: 不去(bu qu)
Yajie: 医院(yiyuan), hospital.
Cam: 医院(yiyuan)
Yajie: 今天你不去医院吗?Won’t you go to the hospital today?
Cam: 今天你不去医院吗?(jintian ni bu qu yiyuan ma?)
Yajie: So Cam, if you aren’t going to the hospital today, how would you answer?
Cam: We learned this last time… it’s: (shi de, jintian wo bu qu yiyuan) right?
Yajie: Very good. 是的,今天我不去医院。So let’s say the doctor asked you to go to the hospital tomorrow. In Chinese, it would be “医生让我明天去” (yisheng rang wo mingtian qu yiyuan)
Cam: “医生让我明天去” (yisheng rang wo mingtian qu yiyuan)
Yajie: Now let’s hear some conversations.

Conversations (1):

Yajie: There is another Chinese character meaning no. And it’s “没” (mei).
Cam: 没 (mei). Like meiyou .
Yajie: 没, m-e-i, the second tone.
Cam: 没, (mei)
Yajie: 你还没去过长城?Haven’t you been to the Great Wall yet?
Cam: 你还没去过长城? (ni hai mei qu guo Changcheng?)
Yajie: 你, you.
Cam: 你(ni), the third tone.
Yajie: 还没, not yet.
Cam: 还没(hai mei).
Yajie: 去过 (qu guo), have been to.
Cam: 去过 (qu guo).
Yajie: 长城, the Great Wall.
Cam: 长城(Chang cheng).


Conversations (2):

Yajie: Cam, you’ve been in Beijing for a while now. Have you tried Beijing Duck?
Cam: No, I still haven’t had it!
Yajie: I’ll teach you how to say that. Beijing Duck is 北京烤鸭, the third tone, and the first tone.
Cam: 烤鸭 (kǎo yā), Roast Duck.
Yajie: 吃, to eat. The first tone.
Cam: 吃 (chi).
Yajie: 你还没吃过北京烤鸭?Haven’t you eaten Beijing Duck?
Cam: 你还没吃过烤鸭?(ni hai mei chi guo Beijing Kaoya?)
Yajie: If you have not eaten it, you may say “是的,我还没吃过北京烤鸭”. Or you may say是的,我还没吃过 for short.
Cam: 是的,我还没吃过烤鸭。(shi de, wo hai mei chi guo kaoya)


Conversations (3):

Key words Reminder
医院, hospital. 长城, the Great Wall. 烤鸭, Beijing Duck. 京剧, Beijing Opera. 今天你不去医院吗?Won’t you go to the hospital today? 你还没去过长城?Haven’t you visited to the Great Wall?

Yajie: Well, for those who are interested in Chinese culture, please do not miss 京剧, the Beijing Opera.
Cam: 京剧. I like to watch京剧. (jin ju)
Yajie: Ok. That’s all for it today. Now question of the day: How do the Chinese people say “Haven’t you visited the Great Wall?”

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