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Five Beijing Olympic volunteer posters released
Photo taken on Aug. 8, 2008 shows the art performance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, titled "Beautiful Olympics", in the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, in north Beijing, China.
. SCO Pledges Contribution to New Global Security
. SK Telecom to Buy $1 Billion of China Unicom Bonds
. China to Launch Electronic Savings Bonds -C.Bank
. China Yuan Forwards at 3-Week High in Offshore Trade
. Beijing Olympics: “Green Olympics” Lecturers Visit Floral Gardens
. Liu Xiang Defeats Allen Johnson in South Korea
. Thousands of Students Say No to Pyramid Schemes
. Culture: Chinese Qipao
. Origin of the Chinese Script(2)
. The Ancient Dynasties
. The Dawn of History
. The Zhou Periof
. The Hundred Schools of Thought(1)
. The Hundred Schools of Thought(2)
. The Hundred Schools of Thought(3)
. The Hundred Schools of Thought(4)
. The Imperial Era(1)
. The Imperial Era(2)
. The Imperial Era(3)
. Beijingers ride new cycling trend for green Olympics
. A musical fountain between the 'Bird's Nest and 'Water Cube'
. Five Beijing Olympic volunteer posters released
. Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world
. Art performance of Beijing Olympics opening ceremony showcases Chinese culture
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For Advanced Level 2 (What is it?)
. 心理学家称:职场中成功与否和老爸有关
. 《男人帮》杂志评选出的全球最性感的10名女性
. 史上百大美女榜出炉 奥黛丽-赫本居榜首
. 美国人钓上一只近400磅重的大柠檬鲨
. 美国发明者发明无绳跳绳 帮人们多做运动
. 德国一只天鹅表错情 错把游船当成至爱
. 世界最昂贵的少女连衣裙
. 100岁是生命的起点
. 法国“蜘蛛人”再出江湖 爬楼抗议警方不公

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In my city here in China, I sometimes see a woman shouting out “旧衣服换鸡蛋 (jiu4 yi1 fu huan4 ji1 dan4)! 旧衣服换鸡蛋!” on the street. I didn’t understand what she was saying when I heard it for the first time. And later one of my Chinese friends explained me that those women would give you some eggs in exchange for your old clothes. I think it is a very reasonable system. China is really a recycling-oriented superpower. -- rjberki -- More>>>

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