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Ask for Help in a hotel
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Communicate In Chinese Book One - Beginner Level 2 (What is it?)
Notes: Listen -> Click Pause buttom -> Take Exercises on this page
1, Room Number of Manager Li?
a) 932
b) 179
c) 912
d) 917
2, Fullname of Manager Li?
a) 李新
b) 李旧
c) 新旧
d) 李新旧
3, Why does the gentleman ask for help?
a) He wants to know the room number of Manager Li.
b) He is visiting Manager Li
c) He do not know how to find Manager Li.
d) He wants to know fullname of Manager Li
4, What does Manager Li do?
a) Manager of this hotel
b) Manager of Guang Ming Company
c) Manager of this gentleman
d) Does not mention in the conversation

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