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cool art! -- rlf1286 -- More>>>

The sarcophagus of Yu Hong is NOT the the only archaeological find in the Central Plains that reflects Central Asian culture and it is NOT the only one to have been excavated in a scientific way and with an accurate chronological record. The tomb of An Qie (d. 579) with its couch decorated with scenes from An Qie's life was scientifically excavated in Xi'an and is well-published; there are many allusions to his Central Asian roots and his activities involving Turks and Hephthalites, as well as a painting over the door to the tomb with a religious scene. The sarcophagus of Shi Jun (Sogdian name, Wirkak; d. 579) was also scientifically excavated in Xi'an. It is carved with Zoroastrian imagery and extraordinary scenes of his life on earth and afterlife. The couch from Tianshui (Sui dynasty) was also excavated, although not as rigorously as the other three. Again from Xi'an is the excavated tomb of Kang Ye (d. 571) which contained the body of the deceased lying on a carved (actually incised) bed. There are also 9 decorated slabs from a sarcophagus found at Yidu in Shandong tht has Central Asian imagery; the now-lost epitaph gives a date of 573. All told, there are 9 known pieces of funerary furniture that reflect Central Asian culture: 3 sarcophagi (counting the Yidu stones) and 6 beds. -- latifa -- More>>>

I'm not too sure what the measure word is for drinks.. but like they say.. when in doubt, use ge. :) I guess if there were bottles and cans of cola on offer, you would have to specify that you want a can of cola so I guess you would say yīge guàntóu de kělè but I doubt it would be necessary if there was only cans on offer. The easiest and shortest way of saying something in most languages is generally the most used way.. :) -- rjberki -- More>>>

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