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Dialogue: Import and Export Business对话进出口
Business Level 5 (What is it?)

在这则对话中,Rocky Simons 是一家制造休闲快艇小公司的业主。他正和另外一个国家一家海滨度假地的业主Jacques Riviera在电话里交谈。

Rocky: 早上好,Jacques,很高兴又和你谈话。你们那儿的天气怎么样?

Jacques: 再好不过了,Rocky。晴朗,29度,微风……

Rocky: 别说了!我受不了了。我能为你做什么吗,

Jacques: 我需要两只你们生产的SB2000快艇租给游客。你能给我个报价吗?

Rocky: 让我想想……呃,报价单上是6,500美元。您是我们的一个重要客户,我会给你10%的折扣。


Rocky: 当然有!我们去年建立了新的存货控制系统,所以我们不再有很多的积压订单。


Rocky: 可以在2-3周内准备好装船。

Jacques: 棒极了。到岸价格是多少,Rocky?

Rocky: 稍等……价格是15,230美元,到原先的港口。成交吗?

Jacques: 当然!给我发一份所有相关信息的传真,我会立即下订单。我会按惯例以不可撤销信用单方式付款。按照一惯的条款吗?

Rocky: 当然。

Jacques: 好极了!很高兴再次和你做生意,Rocky。那再见了,带我问你家人好。

Rocky: 我会的,也带我问侯你家人。再见,Jacques.


In this conversation, Rocky Simons is the owner of a small company that manufactures recreational speedboats.He is having a telephone conversation with Jacques Riviera, owner of a seaside resort in another country.

Rocky: Good morning, Jacques. Nice talking to you again.How’s the weather in your part of the world?

Jacques: Couldn’t be better, Rocky.Sunny, 29°, light breeze...

Rocky: Stop! I can’t take any more.So, what can I do for you, Jacques?

Jacques: I need a couple of your SB2000 speedboats to rent to guests. Can you give me a price quote?

Rocky: Let’s see... Uh, the list price is $6,500 U.S. You’re a valued customer, so I’ll give you a 10% discount.

Jacques: That’s very reasonable. Do you have them in stock?

Rocky: Sure do! We set up new inventory controls last year, so we don’t have many backlogs any more.

Jacques: That’s good. The tourist season is just around the corner, so I need them pretty quick. What’s the earliest shipping date you can manage?

Rocky: They can be ready for shipment in 2-3 weeks.

Jacques: Perfect.What’s the total CIF price, Rocky?

Rocky: Hang on ... The price will be $15,230 U.S. to your usual port. Do we have a deal?

Jacques: You bet! Send me a fax with all the information, and I’ll send you my order right away. I’ll pay by irrevocable letter of credit, as usual. Same terms as always?

Rocky: Of course.

Jacques: Great! Nice doing business with you again, Rocky. Bye for now, and say hello to the family for me.

Rocky: Will do, and the same goes for me. Bye, Jacques.


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