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Dialogue: Meeting with Customers面见客户
Business Level 4 (What is it?)

孙先生,让我为你介绍加拿大Northern Reflections的业务经理-Jonathan Mitchell先生。

Mr. Sun, I'd like you to meet Mr. Johnathan Mitchell, sales manager for Nortern Reflections of Canada.
(Sun extends hand first; Sun and Mitchell shake hands) Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Steven Sun, general manager of Apex Trading.

S: It's very nice to finally meet you, Mr. Mitchell -after so many phonecalls and faxes. (offers his business card first) I'd like you to have my business card.


J: Thanks very much, Mr. Sun. Please accept mine. (offers his own card) And please, call me Johnathan.
(both look at cards for a few seconds, then put them in wallets-not pockets)

B: If you don't mind, Johnathan, while you and Mr. Sun get acquainted, I'd like to check the arrangements for the meeting.

J: You're certainly on top of things, Brian.

S: (looking at Brian) You'll find Mr. Tayler-Brian - is a force to be reckoned with at Apex Tradig.

B: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr. Sun. I'll be right back. (leaves room)

J: He appears to be a top-notch young man, Mr. Sun. Talent and enthusiasm like that are hard to find.

S: Don't I know it. He's doing a great job for us. And please, call me Steven.

J: Steven, can you tell me in a nutshell what the retail market is like in Taiwan?

S: Well, as per capita income goes up and up, the growth sector seems to be in the to-end.

J: Retail is going upscale here? Taiwan is certainly growing more quickly than I had imagined.

S: Yes. Things certainly have changed since I was a boy. We've developed very quickly.

J: Do you think the trend will continue?

S: I don't see why not. We do have some problems, but we are still willing to work hard-and wages aren't too high at this point.

J: Everything I've seen so far is very impressive. Very impressive indeed.


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