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Dialogue: Business Trip On a Plane
Business Level 4 (What is it?)

在这一对话中,Jean Simmons 要开始她的第一次商务旅行。她正和同事Kyle Mathews谈论此事。

Jean: 嗨,Kyle,你猜怎么着!老板下月要我去西岸参加一个市场营销研讨会。

Kyle: 啊哈,你肯定很高兴。你想出差都想好几个月了。

Jean: 是的,他说以后还有更多。所以我应该有一张公司信用卡。但问题是我不知道如何申请,而且不想让老板知道。你能帮我吗?

Kyle: 当然了,没问题。首先去找秘书,告诉她你要去哪儿?什么时候去?她会通过我们的旅行代理,为你安排交通和酒店,并在几天内给你旅程表。同时问她要一张信用卡申请表。

Jean: 一切费用都要用那张卡吗?

Kyle: 不,我们和一些主要航空公司和酒店都有公司信用协议。这次旅行你也许只会用不着它来吃饭。但并不是所有的饭店都接受这一信用卡。你也许要付金。

Jean: 我要花自己的钱吗?


Jean: 公司会报销所有费用吗?

Kyle: 不,有每日最高限额。我会给你一个表。当然私人用品不算在内。而且必须保留所有收据。回来后,你必须把他们贴在报销单上。

Jean: 还有其他的吗?

Kyle: 既然你要经常飞行,去申请一张飞行积分卡。积累飞行里程是商务旅行的额外补贴之一。到时候告诉我你是怎么带着旅行包生活的。

In this conversation, Jean Simmons is going on her first business trip. She’s talking to a co-worker, Kyle Mathews, about it.

Jean: Hey Kyle, guess what! The boss is sending me to the West coast for a marketing seminar next month.

Kyle: Ah hah, you must be happy. You’ve been itching to go on a business trip for months.

Jean: Yeah, and he said there’ll be more coming up, so I should get a corporate card.Problem is, I don’t know how to proceed, and I didn’t want the boss to know that. Can you fill me in?

Kyle: Sure, no problem. First, go see the secretary and tell her where you’re going and when. She’ll arrange for transportation and hotel through our travel agent, and give you the tickets and itinerary in a few days. At the same time, ask her for an application form for the card.

Jean: Will I use the card for everything?

Kyle: No, we have company credit arrangements with some major airlines and hotels. For this trip, you’ll probably only use it for food. Not all restaurants accept the card, so you may have to pay cash.

Jean: Do I pay out of my own pocket?

Kyle: Afraid so. We used to have cash advances, but the company stopped that when they started issuing cards.

Jean: Will the company reimburse everything?

Kyle: No, there are maximum per diem rates. I’ll give you a list. Of course, ersonal items aren’t covered. And make sure you keep all your receipts. You’ll have to attach them to your expense account when you get back.

Jean: Anything else?

Kyle: Since you’ll be traveling often, apply for a frequent flyer card. Gathering frequent flyer miles is one of the perks of OCS travel. And let me know how you like living out of a suitcase.


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